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What is on sale?


RESORT 5,000 m2


Eco Village Boračko jezero and Resort (37.000 m2) are on sale. Ownership 1/1 with regular papers for the construction of the hotel with 26 rooms and six houses (96 m2). We own private beach 165 meters long along the shore of the lake. Within the Eco Village Boračko Lake are activities on obtaining project documents and regulating the construction permit for the construction of the resort. The current situation in the Eco Village Boračko Lake is that catering facilities have been temporarily built and are currently in use:

  • Restaurant 200 seats
  • Accommodation 100 beds in little wooden houses
  • Permanently built autocamp
  • Private landscaped beaches


The summer season lasts from May 1 to October 1.

Location - Bosnia and Herzegovina near town Konjic

The distance between Boračko Lake and the Neretva is 5 km where can be organized rafting.

The distance between Mostar Airport and Boračko lake is an hour and a half drive.

The distance between Sarajevo Airport and Boračko Lake is an hour's drive

The construction of the 5C highway will greatly shorten the travel time from Sarajevo and Mostar to Boračko Lake

Future appearance Eco Village Boračko Lake

Project of future appearance resort

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About us

If you love nature, homemade food, if you want to take a break from the city noise and bustle, the Eco-Village "Boračko Jezero" is the ideal place for you. The Eco-Village is located next to Boračko lake.

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