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RAFTING on the Neretva River is a unique challenge that gives lovers of the natural environment a special adventure, recreation and adrenaline-filled enjoyment. Neretva is a mountain river that springs at an altitude of 1,095m below the Zelengore and Lebršnik mountains. The canyon upstream of Cavalry is suitable for rafting. The length of the rafting canyon from Glavaticevo to Konjic is about 23 km. The beautiful Rakitnica Canyon and the waterfalls we pass in the white water rafting are all about the atmosphere. Each rafting participant is provided with equipment (protective helmet and lifejacket), and in case of rainy and cold weather, neoprene protective suits. The Eco Village employs only certified skippers, which further ensures the safety of the participants during the downhill. Price of Refining is 50,00KM or 25,00EUR per person. The price includes: transport in both directions, certified skipper, breakfast, lunch package, complete rafting equipment (helmet, vest, and in case of rainy weather neoprene protective suits). A minimum of 6 people / participants are required to organize group rafting. For a large number of participants as well as for the Agencies, we grant a discount by arrangement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What to bring and how to dress? What you need to bring with you is spare dry clothes and a camera. Everything else you are invited to forget. On departure you will be given a waterproof neoprene suit and water shoes. For the sun-sensitive, it is advisable to bring sunblock. Who is rafting for? Rafting on the Neretva is for the whole family, from preschool age onwards. Our experienced skippers will do their best to make you feel safe and enjoy every moment. Of course, rafting without excitement was not what it is, so the Neretva will not fail even those who want adrenaline. And what if it rains? Well, rafting on the Neretva River adds extra excitement and spectacular visual moments during rainy days. If you are not very keen on the idea of ​​sailing in the rain and are fond of sunshine and swimming, you are free to postpone for another day. But you should know that the upper course of the Neretva is quite unpredictable in terms of weather, so a rainy morning can hide behind a beautiful sunny day, as well as a series of sunny days can be abruptly interrupted by rain.

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About Neretva river

It springs at an altitude of 1,095 meters below the mountains of Zelengore and Lebršnik in BiH and runs through the country for a length of 205 km, and for the last 20 km it flows through Croatia. Of the total catchment area (5,581 km2) in Croatia is 430 km2. [1] The Neretva River from the source to the estuary originally flows from the southeast to the northwest, thus forming the northern border of Herzegovina. Not far from Konjic and the Rama region it turns south, and flows from the north to the south. , Idbarcica (Bascica), Queen and Neretvica. In the lower reaches, these are Bregava and Trebizat. Upstream, all the way to Capljina, the Neretva River is a canyon river, and west of Konjic it flows into the Jablanica reservoir. In addition to Gabela, it expands into a delta of 196 km2 (which has been under UNESCO protection since 1992), and from Opuzen it is divided into twelve arms (3 of which are flowing). It is navigable from the coast to Metkovic (20 km). [1] It flows into the Adriatic Sea near Rogotin and Ploce.