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EkoSelo Boračko jezero

Eco Village Boračko Lake

If you love nature, homemade food, if you want to take a break from the city noise and bustle, the Eco-Village "Boračko Jezero" is the ideal place for you. The Eco-Village is located next to Boračko Lake. It covers an area of over 37,000 m² and is located about 18 km from the regional center of Konjic. The major cities, Sarajevo and Mostar, are about 70 kilometers away.

Within its complex, Eco Village has facilities and conditions for:


Unforgettable river rafting on the Neretva River with our team

A unique challenge that provides lovers of natural surroundings with a special adventure, recreation, and adrenaline pleasure. The Neretva is a mountain river that springs at an altitude of 1,095 m below the mountains Zelengora and Lebršnik. Through the canyon, upstream from Konjic, it is suitable for rafting. The length of the rafting canyon from Glavatičevo to Konjic is about 23 km. The atmosphere is contributed by the beautiful canyon Rakitnica and waterfalls that we pass on a rafting tour.